Outdoor Tech Wick-Fit - Chips Headband

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Hey! so we've found you a new place to hide your Chips! no longer are Chips an audio set just for snow helmets. Chips headwear, which consists of the wick-fit headband, wick-fit beanie, and cuff beanie, are specifically made for Chips to be used in whatever activity you've decided to do for 20 minutes today. Whether you're using them for active use or just kick in I it, we've got you covered. For the wick-fit collection, we use the breathable material that works for both warm and cold blooded (like your stepmom) humans. The cuff beanie is like the toasty-warm sweater that your grandma knitted last winter, but you had to pay for it. Maybe please tell us you did. 

Wick-Fit Chips Headband: 

Wick-fit material keeps you light, Dry with hi-fi sound 

Fits any audio drop-ins, but designed specifically for use with Wireless and wired Chips 

For those who can't stand earbuds or headphones while working out, but still want their music