Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3.0 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Now in its third edition, the Turtle Shell is a whopping 20% louder than its predecessor - which was at least that much louder than the original - and a lot more efficient to boot. It plays louder, for longer, from further away. We've even improved the waterproofing, so you can literally take this waterproof Bluetooth speaker into the water with you. It floats. 

Huge Battery 

The upgraded battery capacity of the Turtle Shell 3.0 gives you an outstanding 20 hours of playful playtime, with the ability to act as a portable power bank for your phone or music player as well. 

True Wireless Pairing 

Now that you're free, it's time to get loud. And the Turtle Shell 3.0 is a wireless speaker that can get even louder thanks to its true wireless daisy-chain function - linking up to another Turtle Shell 3.0 up to 15 feet away, to create a wall of well-designed, tougher-than-coffin-nails, louder-than-loud sound that extends a whopping 45 feet away from your source. It's just what they do. 


20% louder audiophile-quality sound than its predecessor. 
Fully IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker for swimming with the fishes. 
It floats, so no turtle overboard drills necessary. 
True wireless daisy chain function pairs multiple Turtle Shell 3.0's together for ultimate portable stereo sound. 
High capacity 20-hour rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. 
The 3600 mAh capacity, 5 volt, 1amp out Power Bank charges your small electronics. 
Patented Dual-Directional Sound™ so it can lay flat and fill the room or sit on its side and jam in your face. 
Built-in microphone for calls and quizzing Siri or Cortana. 
Standard 1/4"-40 camera threading & custom strap mounts for multiple mounting options. 
3.5 mm audio-in (& out) port in case you are still rocking a Walkman. 
PLAY TIME: 20 hours. 
INCLUDED: USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and user manual.